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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bit. >> turn into the reddest face i would ever seen. it would not be good. >> my face would look lik your jacket? >> no, that's blue. >> at least he knew it was a jacket. >> l.a. that's for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and right now bill o. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> whatever are the motives in disseminating these documents, it is clear that releasing them poses real risks to real people. >> bill: huge embarrassment for the u.s.a. thousands of state department documents exposed by a sleazy web site. what should president obama do? megyn kelly and brit hume will analyze. >> she treated me as if i was not a human being. >> bill: the illegal alien who hurt meg whitman's gubernatorial
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campaign in california is back by a very powerful force. we'll tell what you it is. >> mr. president. >> um-huh. >> you will not tell me at you think you could beat sarah palin? >> bill: and president obama confronted by barbara walters about sarah palin. >> what i'm saying is i don't think about sarah palin. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> bill: okay. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. there are traitors in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wikileaks web site is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. as you know classified information is now floating around the globe courtesy of the traitors and this despicable web site which which is based in
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sweden. the guy who runs the web site is a sleaze ball named julian assange who is bent on damaging america. since is he not a u.s. citizen it's hard for american authorities to move against him. we can prosecute those who leak the documents to assange, an australian. creb dibbably. president obama did not speak about the situation today. instead he outlined plans to speak about spending. why he has remained silent on the wikileaks situation is very perplexing. no question leaking secret documents is harmful to the country even if most of it is predictable like saudi arabia wanting us to bomb iran. and various heads of state being insulted by various people. the fact that the u.s.a. cannot keep its secrets secret anymore badly damages our intelligence gathering going forward. in this internet age some people are simply stealing documents using cyberspace. no country is safe from that kind of exposure. private first class bradley manning already under arrest for
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leaking documents. he worked as army analyst and was picked up a few months ago after the first wikileaks exposure. if guilty, manning is a traitor and should be given life and hard labor at a military prison. every american should be outraged by this situation. once again the president is not expressing any sense of urgency about it why doesn't he express outrage? why is he ignoring it? we live in a dangerous world. we must have secure plans to protect ourselves. but right now we don't. the whole thing is embarrassing and ultra, ultra disturbing. that's the memo. coming up, bernie goldberg will analyze the press covering the wikileaks situation. but, first, our lead story tonight, what county obama administration do legally to stop wiki leaks? here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. all right, the guys is in australian, assange. they tried to get him through rape thing in sweden.
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>> separate and unrelated to this. they say he actually raped and sexually assaulted a woman over there and possibly two. >> bill: wasn't that interesting that didn't come up until the first exposure on his web site. >> and he denies that. >> bill: i don't care what he denies or anything like that. they are trying to get him. they being the international intelligence community are trying to get him. but legally speaking, the united states options against this man are very limited. >> they are pretty limited. we can't go after him for treason because is he not a united states citizen. he owe no, sir allegiance to the u.s. i believe we can go after him for espionage. that statute is very broadly drafted. you basically have to gather, transmit, or receive defense information and have reason to believe that that information will be used to hurt america or help foreign countries. you have got him. >> bill: holder could draft an indictment, right? >> right. >> bill: then he could -- i don't know whether this guy lives in australia. >> now you are running into the problem. how do we -- >> bill: let's take one step at a time. holder came out today and was outraged. you heard hillary clinton on top
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of the show. i thought it was a recording -- with all due respect to her. it wases about b. as emotionless as you can get. >> she tried to down play it i think. >> bill: that's what i don't get. why are they down playing it? >> all i can guess -- dana perino was "fox & friends" this morning suggesting that maybe they should be tight-lipped about it because you don't want to make it into a bigger deal or give it more credence. >> bill: make it bigger front page of every newspaper in the world. >> don't want to have to act panic. >> bill: act tough and say if we catch you we are going to hang you or whatever. >> we heard some of that from holder. we are going to go after these guys wherever they are. >> bill: this is outrage. this is a recording. there is no genuine passion being shown by the administration. but let's get back to what holder can do. so, they issue an indictment, federal grand jury. they present evidence to the grand jury. the grand jury issues an indictment against assange. he lives in australia or sweden or wherever he is. >> we don't know where he is now.
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how are you going to serve it or effectuate the warrant. >> our intelligence communities will find him. >> so far so bad. >> bill: i believe they will. they will find him. and then they ask the government where he is living. wherever he is living. and once he goes to torah bora with our friend osama. >> right to. extradite him here. >> bill: extradite him here. that's the way to do it. >> what we could do if we got our hands on him and arrested him wherever he may be, we would exert our political pressure on that country to -- >> bill: absolutely. >> to send him back to the united states. you don't know what the policies are going to be. presumably since it's not a death penalty charge, there wouldn't be a huge issue in sending him to the united states. but it's going to be a tough thing to track the guy down and then. >> bill: let's let that play out. >> i think they are. for the first time it sounds like they are. listen, julian assange has not been a mystery to our government. he -- as of august. >> bill: why wasn't he indicted the last time? >> well, they have been looking at it. >> bill: see, this is what bothers me. i'm not being partisan here. i want everybody to understand that you tell me if i think i'm
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being partisan. i'm talking as an american. the guy does it in the spring. all right? >> right. >> bill: what you are saying is they could have convened a grand jury, presented their evidence, got an indictment then. they don't do it. then he does it again. now at a much bigger level. >> yeah. >> bill: all right. embarrassing the country, going forward, who is going to trust the united states state department. >> that's exactly the problem. who is going to talk to us. it's going to wind up on the front page of the "new york times." >> bill: holder once again, doesn't do his job, in my opinion. >> we don't know all the back channels but what i read online is that they have been working with foreign governments to try to find this guy. sweden is one that named him trying to put some pressure. >> bill: i can't believe my pal leon panetta the head of the cia can't find him. >> is he very well protected. >> bill: i can't believe they can't find him. maybe i'm wrong. the guy who allegedly leaked the first one manning. >> manning. >> bill: he is in deep, deep trouble. >> i think he is in trouble. >> bill: i will submit to you
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it's not just him. there has got to be other people leaking this stuff. >> i don't know. >> bill: they done it before. >> possibly. he is the one who is bragging online reportedly about how easy it was. about how he went into work with a lady gaga cd erased it and downloaded and talking about how easy it was. when hillary clinton found out she was going to have a heart attack about the number of confidential documents he got. >> bill: got to be more to it because they picked him up early. >> you would like to believe -- but the leaks. >> bill: i would like to believe it was just manning. >> the leaks that came out i think february is the most recent. could have been tied to this guy. i don't know how many people are involved. this guy manning hats not been charged with espionage. he can be and falls in that definition as well. >> bill: he is a traitor. >> treason is a tougher charge. he is a u.s. citizen so he has got that you have to levy war against the u.s. the courts have said needs to be physical war or you have to a appear to our enemies giving aid
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and comfort. very narrow. less than 220 treason convictions in this nation's history. go after him on espionage which i think they are afraid to do because that statute is written very broadly. might be found unconstitutional. >> bill: they have got to do something and today president obama didn't say anything which was stunning to me. kelly, thank you very much. we appreciate it? >> you bet. >> bill: next on the run down brit hume will tell us what president obama should do about the leaked documents. remember nikki diaz the illegal alien housekeeper who hurt meg whitman's election?
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>> bill: continuing now with lead stories. documents leaked to web site based in sweden. president obama remaining silent on the topic for now. joining us from washington fox news senior analyst brit hume. are you surprised as i am the president didn't address it today when he had the opportunity to do so. >> i was a little surprised, bill; the more i think about it the more i think it's prudent for him not to say anything. if he gets up and beats his breast and acts all indignant about it it will only look worse when it becomes clear as megyn was just making the point there is not all that much that this president can do about it. and the long history of presidential efforts to plug leaks has not been a very happy one. it's hard to identify a case
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where a leaker was really found by president ordered investigation and you remember the watergate plumber's unit was originally engaged to plug leaks and ended up breaking the democratic headquarters watergate. >> bill: i think it's another p.r. disaster for mr. obama and i will tell you why. i said this to kelly. i'm not looking at this from an ideological viewpoint. i think this could have happened under a republican president, a democrat president, whatever. okay? that you got unsaviorry people inside the american intelligence apparatus. they download this stuff. they put it out. i don't think this is an ideological story. i'm angry as an american. i'm angry about it i'm angry at this assange, i'm angry whoever leaked it to him. i want something done about it as an american. i want my family to be protected from terrorists. i don't want the u.s. intelligence apparatus not to get any information because people fear that they are going to be exposed and unmasked.
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that's what's going to happen. i want my leader to say you know if we find you, you are going to be in jail forever or if i can put as into and your neck i'm going to do it. that's what i want to hear. again, he just says -- ignores it. hillary clinton one of the most robotic statements i have ever seen and then we had holder who inexplicably hasn't done anything to assange after the first wiki leaks things almost a year ago to. me, it's another occasion and i know i'm talking too much here but i am upset about it it's another occasion where the obama administration simply will not take will not show a sense of urgency to a very serious problem. >> bill, two points about that one is that i don't think it accomplishes a lot to auto show a lot of urgency about something that you can't do much that about. that's point number one. point number two is what you most want to happen once it's spilled out is you want the story to die as quickly as possible. the more you say about it, more indignant you act and noise you
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make about it the more it feeds the story and more public controversy around the world is aroused by it and the more people find out about it what you want to do, look, not only have we embarrassed ourselves as a nation by having this happen, but we have embarrassed a elevate friends and allies around the world. what they need as much as we do is for the story to subside. that isn't going to undo all the damage it will help to stop its per pettation for days on end. >> bill: i'm disagreeing with you almost 100%. i think that this is going to go on and on and on. and the lack of conviction then by the authorities, what happened to fear what happened to fear? >> how much fear can you generate by making a big statement about it? what needs to happen is something needs to be done. >> bill: you can get the guy assange. >> that's fine. need to do that. not make a statement you are gonna do it when you are not sure whether you can do it or not. >> bill: if i'm the president i'm going to find a way to get this guy. i'm going to find a way and tell the people -- i'm going to find a way to get him.
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i'm going after him and anybody who has helped him we're going to find him wherever you live we're coming to get you. i think there has got to be some fear element. i don't think there is anybody in the world that fears barack obama. i don't think anybody does. >> well, let's draw an analogy here with what happened after 9/11. president of the united states stood up and said we're coming to get you. >> bill: yeah. >> now, he didn't get osama bin laden who still remains as far as we know alive and at large. but he did back that up with some significant actions in afghanistan, which mattered and made a difference. this president, and that's why if anybody was going to fear him, it wasn't because of what he said, it's because of what he did. what this president needs to be able to do in a situation like that is do something. and it's not at all clear what he can do as i say. the history of presidential leak plugging is not a happy one. and i don't think it's unwise to speak -- to walk softly or speak softly and try to carry a bigger stick. >> bill: i disagree with you. >> i hear you. i get it.
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>> bill: aggressively go after these guys. tell the american public they are not going to stand for it and anybody who does this stuff is going to at least be in the eye of the storm. and then see if can you follow through on it rather than -- do you think it's really good politics for the president of the united states to ignore this story today, hume? do you really think that's good politics? >> on the matter of politics, it probably contributes to the effort -- to the image this president has had not infrequently of being passive. >> bill: yeah. disengaged. >> brit: that's right. it's a political problem. i don't think it's a substantive problem in this case. the substantive problem in this case is it is very difficult to plug leaks and the president doesn't have much of a history of successfully doing that and with this guy being a foreign national, out of this country whereabouts unknown, getting him is as megyn pointed out to you and you agreed is very tricky business. >> bill: try. good debate, brit. we appreciate it as always. directly ahead the illegal alien
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housekeeper who hurt meg whitman in california has very powerful backers. we will tell you who he they're. later, bernie goldberg on whether the "new york times" and others reporting the wiki leaks story did so responsibly. those reports after these messages. ç@
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, the san francisco chronicle reporting that nikki diaz the illegal alien housekeeper who turned on california gubernatorial candidate meg whitman has a very powerful backer. the california nurse's association. apparently ms. diest went to that union in her attempt to hurt ms. whitman. the california nurse's association is a uber liberal union which did everything it could to do to hurt miss whitman
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including keeping her in the country with her three children. somebody is paying her bills. we haven't been able to establish who that is. with us is mary katharineham and juan williams. this is dirty politics to have that big union running this woman out there? >> well, you know, i don't know if you would say dirty politics. i would say "hardball" politics. i don't know if it's watergate. but in terms of distortion and smear, yes. what you have here is a strong, really it's part of that public sector union coalition cabal if you want, that's basically running the state of california at this moment. they are the ones that put all the money not only into jerry brown who defeated meg whitman but into barbara boxer and all the other democrats to try to hold up all the federal and state money that going into public union payments. when i say payments i mean pay raises and pensions that's bankrupting the state.
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they have a vested interest in keeping this going. now, the thing is, of course, meg whitman put a ton of money into the race as well. what we have here is a situation where they took advantage of this woman who was working in her house and the woman had not told her she was illegal immigrant according to meg whitman. they used that to sway hispanic voters who went -- 63-30. for jerry brown. >> bill: here's the deal, waterboarding. nurses around -- juan. nurses around the country don't have the reputation of being liberal people. there are liberal nurses and conservative nurses. the california nurse's association, this is in business to do far left activity. am i wrong? >> no. you are right. this is run by a former teamster. they are a rough group. what their whole purpose here is, is, again, public service. public service unions. >> bill: keep the phone flow coming. >> you bet. >> bill: no cut backs, keep the pensions, keep the benefits
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coming. mary katharine, juan says it isn't dirty politics it's hard ball politics. do you agree with that? >> yeah. we're hedging the line here. the proof is in the pudding when it comes down to it. they had gloria allred, the celebrity lawyer come to this woman's aid and allege all this abuse. it turns out there is a lot of evidence that she lied to her employer there is not much evidence if any of abuse. she ended up getting a payout in court with this giant celebrity lawyer. they weren't doing her a lot of favors in this situation by bringing her forward and presenting this. maybe juan and i have been in d.c. for too long because i am a little bit on the hard ball side too. there was initial insphraction by meg whitman hiring somebody who was illegal. she has to take responsibility for that. what should come out is the transparency preferably preelection that the union was the one backing this the entire time and -- >> bill: someone is paying the woman's bills. number one, the woman shouldn't be here because she has been exposed as illegal alien who
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lied about social security and a whole bunch of stuff and i said that to janet napolitano, we are still waiting to see what homeland security is going to do. i'm not picking on nikki diaz. you either have laws or you don't have laws. okay? tell us. are you going to enforce them or you are not. number two, she has got to -- you know, who is paying for her? i don't know if it's the california nurse's association but i wouldn't be surprised. somebody is paying the bills. >> one of the stories i have read about this has said that the labor unions have started a fund for her of some sort. i don't know to what extent that is bottom line what you have to remember is that the unions are not some sort of benign group that just sort of helping workers along and have no sort of bent as juan was saying. that's what people need to know preelection and where their money is going just like you do with recommendation does and other folks. >> bill: if you were in charge of homeland security, would you try to deport this woman, juan. >> no. i hear you say that bill. just think look, we either have laws or don't have laws. the fact is -- i think it's now
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about 13 million either 10 to 13 million people who are here illegally. >> bill: let's walk through this because i think people are interested in your mind set. all right. let's walk it through it so even i can understand it so we'll go real slow. [ laughter ] >> bill: number one, she comes to the country illegally, right? >> yep, no doubt. >> bill: breaks civil law there. number two, she gets a fraudulent social security card. that's a crime. now she has upped the civil law-breaking to a criminal thing. number three, she desoutheast for a time her employer, meg whitman, okay, so that's a personal deception. number four, she comes forward saying that whitman abuse her when there is no proof of any abuse at all. in fact, she was paid for what she did an extraordinary amount of money. number five, she influences an entire election in the state of california, an important election, okay. number six, she is back secretly by a union that is uber left and
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you say nikki diaz should just remain where she is? nothing should happen to her. >> well, the last couple things that you listed really are all about appearances and had nothing to do with whether she should stay in the country. let's take what you said. let's lay it out. here is the thick. one is she may have deceived meg whitman for a while. remember, she is there for seven years working with meg whitman. i find it hard to believe meg whitman didn't understand what's going on. >> bill: maybe that's right. meg whitman paid the price. she lost the election. you would let nikki diaz slide? you are not going to take any action against nikki diaz? >> not in particular unless nikki diaz breaks some specific law. >> bill: she has already broken the law the law that you like. if she breaks a law you like you will prosecute then if you don't like the law you will move on. >> i'm talking about even running a stoplight. if she breaks the law then okay. >> bill: another chance: mary katharine, i'm giving you the last word because juan is out of
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his mind tonight. what do you say? >> well, you know, it's clear in this case that she did break several laws. >> bill: what would do you? is she gone or do you keep her here? >> it's the law. it's the law. but california belongs to unions. they are going to make the decision whether she is deported or not. >> bill: no, mary katharine, what do you do? >> sure. deport her. i would deport her. >> she said that because she wanted to please you, o'reilly. she doesn't even believe. no americans don't believe it they use too many illegal. >> if you get caught -- i don't use illegal immigrants to do my work. >> bill: i'm going to. >> i'm doing my work right now. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. sarah palin lashes back to barbara bush for criticizing her. charles krauthammer goes after pbs. both will be in reality check. also bernie goldberg on whether the "new york times" and other media are guilty of bad journalism in the wikileaks situation.
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hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy") >> bill: impact segment tonight, 19-year-old mohammed muhammad is under arrest in oregon for -- a former oregon state university student tried to acquire a bomb and set it off in pioneer square at a christmas tree lighting so says the fbi that set up a sting that caught him. no real bomb was ever in play. joining us now from portland syndicated radio host lars lars son who has been talking about this all day. as you know and so. viewers know i worked in
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portland. i know you. and the city council and the mayor don't cooperate with the federal authorities on terrorism investigations. that's what makes this such a bizarre story. am i correct? >> absolutely correct. bill. here's thing. five years ago the city of portland pulled out of the joint terrorism task force. at the time they said they were the first city. five years later they are still the only city in america that will not cooperate formally with the fbi. it's crazy. now, individual police officers and the bureau do some cooperation with with the fbi. the city council is so anti-fbi, and anti-patriot act and anti-antiterrorism if you will. they don't want to to go along with it one member of the council is going to propose they jump back. in it kind of sizes up the demeanor of this city. also the fact that most of the people in this city won't even call that tree a christmas tree even though the terrorists even called it a christmas tree. it's kind of -- it's that kind
5:33 am
of attitude in portland. >> bill: very secular city and liberal community. so is the surrounding county. what was fuse that lit the backing away from the antiterrorism task force? was there one thing that the portland city council and mayor said that you did this and we don't want to cooperate with you? was there one thing? >> you know, you wish it was that rationale a reason, bill. i covered this back in the day. the former police chief who became mayor tom potter had a personal beef. jttf is doing i'm not playing the ball. >> bill: he didn't like them in the first place. i'm sure the organize organizian newspapers backed them up. kid i call him a kid he is 19 years old. he never really had a bomb. now there is a debate, which is growing and we're going to do this with judge napolitano tomorrow on the factor that the fbi entrapped him.
5:34 am
here is what attorney general holder said today about the entrapment charge. go. >> i am confident that there is no entrapment here. no entrapment claim will be found to be successful. there were, as i said, a number of opportunities that the subject in this matter, the defendant in this matter was given to retreat, to take a different path. he chose at every step to continue. >> bill: so the guy wanted to throw a -- blow up a bomb in pioneer square. people never been to portland that was the gathering place, hundreds, maybe a thousand people in this square for the christmas tree lighting. he tried to get the device from an fbi undercover agent and they popped him, right? >> absolutely. and, bill, here's the thing. you read the entire affidavit as i did for the second time last night. you find out this man came to them, they believe that he was seeking to do some kind of jihad but they let him define it they said what do you want to do? he said well either pray five
5:35 am
times a day or go operational and blow something up. and he said that this was a guy who said that as a kid he watched the people jumping from the twin towers and thought it was awesome. he enjoyed it. this guy was a really sick individual. they let him decide what he wanted to do. he was the one who came up with the entire plan. they supplied him with the false bomb to make him think he was moving forward. so that at the very end nobody's life was ever put at risk. >> bill: what are you hearing on the radio as far as people are obviously angry. what are they angry at? >> they are angry at him. they are angry at this country for being so loose about our borders, about security, about things like this. and in some cases they are really angry at the city of portland for in not being more outraged that tens of thousands of people were gathered in that square and this man was prepared to murder them and there isn't more outrage about it. city council is still thinking about whether they want to help out the town is run by a hunch
5:36 am
about of fools for the most part. >> bill: final question, will this change in your opinion, make a prediction. will the folks in portland demand that their city get back and cooperate with the fbi on terror projects? yes or no? >> yes. yes. absolutely, bill. i think that's what they will do. i don't see that they have any other choice. and it's absurd that this is the only city in america there are more liberal cities but not by much. the fact that this city says we won't play ball. it's lunancy. >> bill: thank you very much, lars. when we come right back, bernie goldberg, did the "new york times" and other media do anything wrong in the coverage of the wikileaks case? and then, sarah palin under fire from barbara bush of all people. the governor fires back. and we'll be back after these messages as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment most newspapers in general cover the wiki leaks exposure of the release of the documents. did anybody do anything wrong. joining me from miami is the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. anybody do anything wrong? >> let me answer ha in-that in parts. i don't blame the "new york times" for running the story. and my right wing friends don't
5:40 am
get crazy when i say that this story was going to get out one way or another because wikileaks gave it to other newspapers in europe and it's on their web site so it was going to get around the world in no time flat anyway whether the "times" ran it or not. my gripe is not with the "new york times" tore running it my gripe is about hypocrisy. one year ago this month, you remember, bill, those confidential emails about climate global warming were leaked. >> bill: in he can gland, right. >> in england, right. the "new york times" science writer who has a "new york times" blog about just this subject wrote this: the documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all matters of private statements that were never intended by the public eye. so they won't be posted here. >> bill: ah-ha. all right. so we have a great concern for
5:41 am
privacy and confident when the global warming community becomes suspect but when it's united states secrets -- >> bill: couldn't the argument be made that the level of importance is greater in the state department document thing and to be fair, the "new york post" a conservative newspaper also put it on the front page and most other newspapers dealt with it as well. i'm not signaling out the "new york times" here. what you say is absolutely true. there is selective journalistic. >> outrage. yes. you make a good point. the level of importance between climate gate and u.s. state department secrets is different. i grant you that. but how about this? once these leaks got out, and nothing is being -- nothing was done immediately about it, they are not trying to find mr. assange, for instance, i shouldn't say they are not trying to find him, they haven't found him, this blows up the
5:42 am
entire concept of confidentiality. and, therefore, anything is fair game, including the "new york times." now, whether the "new york times" is the most important news organization in america or just close to it, it's a very important news organization. and, therefore, i'm calling on all the principle journalists at the "new york times" to send to either you, bill, or to me, all the confidential emails and memos that they can get their hands on that were sent out by bill keller, the sexive producer of the -- executive producer of the paper and send them to us not because we have a constitutional right to broadcast them but because it would be good for america. more information is better than less information, that's what the "new york times" is always telling us. so, all you principle journalists there, send us the confidential memos. maybe they embarrass some
5:43 am
people. what's a little embarrassment? send it to us and we will put it on the air. >> bill: okay. so right now across the landscape you don't see any journalistic operations doing anything wrong in this wiki leaks thing? >> no, i just think it's complicated because it does the -- it does america no good. there is no question about that. as you said earlier in the show, who is going to trust talking to any diplomat knowing that it may get out on page 1 of the "new york times," you know, 10 minutes later? but, as long as it's going to get out there anyway, on the wiki leaks site or in other newspapers that would be put on the web, i don't fault the "new york times." >> bill: okay. now brit hume and i debated the president's reaction to this. i believe i'm one of the few journalists in the country that is criticizing him. i think he should take a much stronger stand about it which side do you come down on on
5:44 am
that? >> i rarely come down on -- seeing both points brit hume makes a good point that if the administration makes a big deal out of it, it really makes them look like, you know, they are playing defense here. and i think you made a very good point, too. when you said it makes the administration look weak. you know what? you also said, this and i think this is the most important point. nobody is afraid of the united states. nobody is afraid of this administration. >> bill: absolutely not. you see it every day. >> that doesn't do us a lot of good in the world community. >> bill: they have got to find this assange and -- i'm not going to do that all right. finally, the san francisco chronicle very, very liberal paper, broke the story about the nurse's union behind nikki diaz. so, that's heartening to me that they actually broke that story and, you know, so now we know this whole thing was a big set-up it was politically motivated and old nikki, i think
5:45 am
is getting bucks flowing in there like crazy because she hurt meg whitman. >> yeah. i would not, not deport the house servant or made or whatever she was called. but i would deport gloria allred. >> bill: where would you send ms. allred? >> how about maybe iran? how about that? >> bill: i don't know if she would be comfortable there. >> i don't think the iranians would be comfortable with that. >> bill: i don't know. we'll see. bernie goldberg said it not o'reilly. let's write that down. goldberg said that not o'reilly, everyone. thank you. relate check on deck tonight. sarah palin fires back at barbara bush. and willie them son busted again. guess if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where the truth will set us free each and every monday evening. check one, we continue to be amazed at how sarah palin dominates the political news cycle in america. outside of president obama, the governor is by far the most talked about politician. and now even mr. obama to deal with it. >> you may have heard that sarah palin told me just last week that she could beat you. if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. could see? >> you know, i don't speculate on what's going to happen two years from now. i'm, right now, focused on making sure that we are doing everything we can to improve the economy and put people back to work. >> mr. president? >> um-huh. >> you will not tell me you think you could beat sarah palin? >> what i'm saying is i don't think about sarah palin.
5:50 am
[ laughter ] >> bill: now that leads us to check 2. barbara bush was recently asked about mrs. palin and quipped that she hopes the governor stays in alaska to which sarah palin replied. >> i think the majority of americans don't want to put up the with blue bloods and i say it with all due respect because i love the bushes. the blue bloods who want to pick and choose their winners, instead of allowing competition to pick and choose the winners. >> bill: which leads us to check three. john mccain being asked about his former running mate. >> the big name is is she going to run for president? isn't she going to run for president? you know her probably better than any politician does. how do you read what's going on. >> i read i think she is keeping her options open. i think she sudden. -- should. she is an amazing force in the political arena. i think anybody who has the visibility that sarah has is obviously going to have some divisiveness.
5:51 am
i remember that a guy named ronald reagan used to be viewed by some as divisive. >> bill: want another one? okay. check four. charles krauthammer speaking on pbs was asked about sarah palin running for president. >> i never took -- on candidacy. i'm making comment on editorial judgment of this show in which she is prominently figured week after week i think in the liberal imagination she is and will always be the only representative of conservatism of any importance. >> she is the most significant republican conservative -- >> she is the biggest. >> she brought your party back from oblivion to this wonderful state that it's in now. [ laughter ] >> where the democrats are quaking in their wake. you ought to be proud of her. elitists in the republican party push this poor woman from wasilla down. i think it's a shame. >> perfect evidence of how liberals are obsessed with sarah palin. >> all right.
5:52 am
>> bill: indeed. charles will be here on the factor tomorrow to discuss pbs. check 5. willie nelson once again busted for pot possession. 77-year-old singer was arrested by border patrol agents after his tour bus was pulled over about 30 miles from mexico. agents saying the bus smelled like a cheech and chong film. doesn't seem to be doing much for willie's complex smoking all this pot. this is nelson's third bust. he could get jail time but probably won't. doesn't look real happy on the road again. check 6 your humble correspondent that would be me will be appearing on the dave letterman show on december 9th in support of my book pinheads and patriots. i might bring up this recent interview with dave's mom. >> how are things in indianapolis? >> things are very nice. unseasonably warm. >> um-huh. how warm? [ laughter ] how warm has it been? like 20 degrees warmer than it should be. >> yes. and it's very windy.
5:53 am
>> bill: that's that climate change, global warming. do you believe in the chiment change and the global warming? >> not really. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> bill: i think i saw dave starting to sweat there finally check 7, i will be talking with imus on the fox business network tomorrow morning at 8:30. check that out. getting all sorts of mail. last dates flowers last day december 4th in class. few tickets remain. check it all out on bold make very nice early christmas gift and dvd of the show as well. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots the tv edition up next. wolf blitzer getting down or something. right back with p and p.
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a nifty patriot sweatshirt. these are great items. it wear them. i donate every scent i get from the website to charity. now we have e-mail -- >> nobody was denigrated in that conversation. get some fresh air. another e-mail -- >> anthony, from wayne, new jersey -- april austin, from missouri --
5:57 am
>> cameron jackson from california -- >> you don't. you point to the stats and ask the next question. no sense in arguing about that. and jake -- >> finally tonight, "patriots and pinheads" tv edition. cnn anchor wolf blitzer trying to expand his audience associating with doug e. fresh. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
>> kind of looked like a zombie movie. so, is old wolf a pinhead or patriot for that exposition? vote. when we last left we asked you about the royal wedding and what about the people obsessed with it? 70% said those obsessed are pinheads and 79% believe they're patriotic. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. which is different from bill o' also we'd like to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town and name and town. if you wish to opine. do not be pestipherous.
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give you a hint, do not be pestiferous when writing to the factor or doing anything else. thank you for watching. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> top of the morning to you. it's tuesday, november 30th. last day of november already. thanks for your sharing your time. let's make a deal. president obama sitting down with republicans to try to agree what americans will be paying in taxes next year but common ground may be tough to find. >> meanwhile, billions of your tax dollars set aside to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. why is the administration letting most of that money just sit there unused. we've only used a quarter. what's that about? >> always answer the question. not your question. it's the biggest movie event of the


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